You say you want love but what you do is lust.

How to be skinny? 

1. Notice that your body is covered in skin
2. say that “Wow! I’m skinny”

Congratulations you are now skinny.

Tangina bakit ang ganda ni Joyce pring.

babae ka pala?

Naglantad nako. <3 ____ <3

Sino ka ba talaga palaginghigh?

Joyce pringles.

What do you usually think about before falling asleep at night?

Been having frequent psychedelic-like nightmares lately. Does that suppose to mean something?

Happy birthday meaning nun babe.


Positive or negative, just throw it at me. Give me an adjective that best describes me. Comment ASAP, por favor. (This is for a project thingy) 

Jealousy is not a very cute trait, tbh.